Sunday, July 15, 2007

Orkus Magazine

I picked up the English language edition of Orkus in Borders the other week. It's a magazine covering gothic, romantic, industrial and electro music. The best way to describe it is like Wire, but for goths. I've never seen it before, but it seems to be well-established in Germany and is also sold throughout Scandinavia, BeNeLux and Spain.

Not cheap at £5.20 and no covermount CD on this issue though Borders are a real pain for losing covermount disks (or they get nicked by customers who slip them inside other mags). It's a bit pretentious if your normal fare is Metal Hammer, but is a very nice production on good quality pages. I'll only get it again if there are covermount CDs though. The German edition is covering Lacrimosa! Ooh-eee-oooh! I wonder if we'll get this one over here?

Billy likes Wire. As a humble headbanger I find much of it goes over my head with a whooosh! I do persevere in the hope of broadening my horizons. After all, us heavy metal fans are the "trainspotters of music" according to the busking beggar on the District Line train. That would explain my wide variety of folk, blues, classical, neo-classical and world music then.