Monday, July 9, 2007

Social Gitworking

MySpace has become known as MySpaz or MunterSpace; both affectionately and insultingly.

Facebook, in similar fashion, becomes Face-ache or Faecesbook (as per the old New Faces/New Faeces joke about the old TV talent show).

FlickR is FlickAr5e or even F*ck**se

LiveJournal has long been known to colleagues as Get-a-Life-Journal.

Forums, particularly those hijacked by know-alls, essayists or loons, are Floor 'Ems and Bulletin Boards are, similarly, Bully 'im Boards.

YouTube, for the torrent of excrement that outweighs the gems, is henceforth dubbed PooTube.

Unless you can think of any better nicknames. I'm just off to check my YerPoo, I mean Yahoo Groups.